My name is Wally Bass. I'm a retired software engineer, and spent most of my career with IBM in Silicon Valley (the IBM San Jose disk development lab, the Los Gatos chip design lab, and the Palo Alto Scientific Center).

This site is a very simple site. It is mostly a repository for IBM PC related stuff that I would like to make accessable to folks. Some of the stuff to be found here is historical. Some of it is in explanatory material about PC related issues that I feel have been poorly documented over time. Some of the material is tutorial in nature. And there are a few simple programs to be found here, normally including source code.

Many of the documents you will find here are text documents, and some written using XyWrite. But most will be viewable without much trouble in a browser, or viewable after downloading with Windows Notepad or such, without much trouble.

There is currently only one categories of things that is currently available here:

  • XyWrite -- XyWrite stuff, mostly version III+ stuff.